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Get Involved!


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The Changing Language of Chatham County Project is interviewing life-long residents of Chatham County about their growing up experiences. Researchers from NC State University are currently gathering information about how language is changing in Chatham County and collecting oral histories from people who live in Chatham County at the same time! This project will give young, old, and new residents a way to listen and interact with the history of the land and people who have lived in Chatham County throughout the major changes of industry, population growth, desegregation, and language.

Whether or not you know it, you have experiences that are part of Chatham County's living history. Your experiences of growing up in the area, going to school, work, and how you spend your free time in the community offer rich and important sources of information for all of us to learn more about Chatham County and North Carolina! If you would like to get involved by participating in an interview - or know people who might be interested - please let us know by FILLING OUT THIS FORM.

How do I get involved with this project? 

Fill out THIS FORM asking for your name, phone number, email address (if you have one), and the best times to contact you. We will reach out to you to schedule an interview at your convenience!

Who is eligible to participate?

Any person 16 years old or older who has lived in Chatham County for at least three quarters of their life is eligible. For those under 18, we ask for a parent/guardian to sign a form that allows us to conduct the interview and post snippets of it online. All data will be anonymized unless you tell us otherwise. 

How long does an interview take?

Interviews take one hour give or take a few minutes to set up the recording equipment and get settled. Plan on the entirety lasting about 1 hour and 15 minutes. 

I don’t want to be interviewed but I would still like to be involved in the project, how can I contribute?

If you are a Chatham County resident we would still love to hear your stories and incorporate them into the oral history project. If you have other ideas of how this project might expand or be used in a different way, let us know! We are aiming to create a meaningful project for the Chatham County community, and that means you!