A Chatham County Oral History Exhibit

Welcome to the oral history exhibit of the Changing Language of Chatham County project!

This project is brought to you by the Language and Life Project and the NC State Linguistics Lab in partnership with the Chatham County Historical Association, the Voices of Chatham collection consists of excerpts from interviews that NC State researchers conducted with Chatham County residents. These snippets feature the interviewee’s impactful and memorable stories; highlighting themes of change, recalling school days, and speaking to Chatham County’s close relationship with its agricultural foundation.

In this oral history, you will hear stories about the construction of the highway, the transformation of the farming community, school integration, the role of Church in day-to-day life, the influx of people into Chatham County, and other topics.

Use the menu items to the left to navigate this exhibit. The Oral History Map will let you expore the audio files using a map of Chatham County. The oral history files are also organized based on gender, race, and theme.

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